How true is it that the rock formation near the Sanctuary of Agios Lot is the wife of Lot?

Question: How true is it that the rock formation near the Sanctuary of Agios Lot is the wife of Lot? If it is true that she is the wife of Lot who turned into a pillar of salt, why is it not used as one of the  evidences in archaeology because there are people who claim the Book of Genesis is fiction?


If we were to ask archaeologists about this matter, the answer is it is not true.

It is not true that this particular rock formation is the wife of Lot. It’s a tale that tour guides tell their tourists, but there is no basis for it in fact. It’s a pillar of rock, not of salt, and it doesn’t look like a person. No way this block has Human remains inside. Someone just named the rock Lot’s wife as it reminded him of the story.

According to an Israeli geologist and professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Amos Frumkin:

“Based on carbon-14 dates obtained from pieces of wood that had flowed into the cave during it’s lifetime. Frumkin found that the cave collapsed about 2000 B.C.E. Studies of ancient seismic activity in the Dead Sea region revealed that a series of devastating earthquakes shook the area in the 21st century B.C.E, the most powerful occurring around 2050 B.C.E.  Frumkin believes it was this quake that could have created the pillar of Lot’s Wife and that may have given rise to the Biblical traditions of Sodom’s destruction.” (Biblical Archaeology Review – MAY/JUNE 2019, How Lot’s Wife Became a Pillar of Salt)

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