Is it true the Vedas of Hinduism is older than the Bible?



If we evaluate thoroughly the Chronology section of this information from Wikipedia:

The earliest Vedic material appears to date to around 1700 BCE, but nothing written survives because they passed the Vedas down through oral tradition. The earliest written Sumerian material dates to around 3400 BCE, and the earliest Akkadian literature dates to around 2250 BCE. The Akkadians had a sophisticated written tradition with systems of law, science, religion, etc. by the time of the Code of Hammurabi (1792 BCE), and that written system found its way into the Bible (laws, creation story, etc.), which began it written history around the eighth and seventh centuries BCE in Jerusalem.

We will notice in the Code of Hammurabi that it is one of the Archaeological Evidences to the Old Testament.


The table above shows the book written by an expert in the ancient languages and bible scholar, Gleason Archer in his book, A Survey of Old Testament Introduction, in Page 148.