Is it True that the King James Version has the Most Accurate Translation for Zechariah 13:6?

Someone asked if the English translation of KJV for Zechariah 13:6 is the most accurate since a KJV supporter posted about this and we can see the screenshot below.

Zechariah 13-6

We will notice the supporter gave details about the other versions but he concluded that the correct one is the King James Version.

Literally, it is “wounds between your arms”. And the New Revised Standard Version does have a textual note (not an Annotation) which says: “Heb wound between your hands”. The Hebrew is not בידיך “in your hands” (King James Version), but בין ידיך “between your arms”. Hebrew “yad” is not “hand” in the English sense (from wrist to tips of fingers, that is “pas” Daniel 5:5), but “forearm” (from elbows to tips of fingers).

Context: Zechariah 13:3 says “their fathers … shall pierce them through.” So if they are “pierced through”, that normally means “pierced through the chest” ( = the main part of the body). The “chest” is “between the arms,” and clearly that is what an artist would draw if picturing “pierced between the arms.”